Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween from the Milford Guesthouse Bed and Breakfast!
     Hoping yours was sweet and spooky. 

The weather as really cooled down and we had a very light dusting of snow the day of Hurricane Sandy...we were lucky
Our  thoughts go out to all the people living in the path of Hurricane Sandy!  My goodness, what a storm!!

We have been getting the Guesthouse ready for winter...closed the pool, tiki hut, put it all away for another year. Its a lot more fun to open things rather than close it.
But than the next thing up is favorite cooking day!
Last year we had a housefull of guests..which was so much our daughter had Thanksgiving at her house. This year her second daughter will be born (Nov 5) so Turkey Day is here! Cant wait. I love all that cooking.

Christmas is right around the corner...where the heck did 2012 go?
But Im looking forward to the holidays this year. The Guesthouse will be all decked out for the season. Looking forward to setting up my Dickens Village. The house just glows with all the holiday lights.
Then, I will start baking, and fill the house with wonderful smells of cookies and pies! Sure to bring back some memiores of other Christmas.

This is the time to start thinking of a Holiday Getaway at the Guesthouse! Come for a couple of days! Visit Downtown Milford all decked out with lots of holiday cheer! Get some shopping done, enjoy our many eaterys. You might feel like you stepped back in time and expect to see Bob Cracet and Tiny Tim walking on Main Street! Milford is so cool during the holidays!
After an afternoon in Milford, come on home to the Guesthouse, relax, sip a glass of wine...maybe do a hot tub.(its great in the winter!)
Ahhhh, could be a good Getaway! Book soon!
A Christmas Getaway makes a great Christmas gift, too!  I do Gift Certicaties.

Looking foward to hearing from you! 

Until the next Blog....Thanks for reading this!

Your Innkeeper 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September at the Milford Guesthouse

Hello, once again from the Milford Guesthouse Bed and Breakfast! What beautiful weather we are having...Mid to high 70's, sunny, clear blue skyes! There is a touch of Fall in the air. Makes me want to watch football (go Lions) cook some chili...and I'm in the mood to make some apple pies!

But lets not rush Summer...
We still have six weeks of good weather...Our pool is still open as well as the Tiki Hut, and will be until the end of October. Our gardens are sooo colorful right now, what a show!

Time to book your Sept/Oct getaway. Come and enjoy the grounds, take a walk over to Kensington (or bike).
Of course you'll want to stroll to downtown Milford.
There is a Home Tour of some beauiful old homes going on in Sept, as well as a car show. There are also some new resturants you will want to check out.

So come on out to the Milford Guesthouse!!  Book today for a little getaway and enjoy....
Who knows, maybe I'll make you an Apple Pie!

See you soon!

Thanks for reading this
Until the next blog

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our 4th Summer at the Milford Guesthouse Bed and Breakfast!

My goodness, how time as flowen! Let's get up to date.

I finished Culinary School December of 2011. I totally enjoyed every minute and love bringing some things Ive learned to the breakfast table. Gary is loving it, of course, and I havent heard any complaints from our guests! They keep coming back!

Gary is doing his ongoing projects to impove the B&B. The Magnolia Bathroom no longer opens in the hallway, only in the bedroom. So, no more walking in the hall to use their bathroom. Much more private.

Out in the gardens, Gary has built some beautiful planters around the B&B entrance and around the outside steps. He also put some of his seceret sauce soil in, at WOW things are growing like crazy!
Oh, we also cut a overgrown tree from in front of the house, and the sun there now is helping things to grow. Its quite pretty!

This summer has been a HOT one here in Milford...well for Michigan it was hot! 98-100 in July.  But, we had many a guest swiming in the pool, sitting under the tiki hut, with a cold beer or wine. A good way to enjoy the heat rather than suffer in it!

In the midst of the heat and having many guests, my oven decides to die on me! Had to send the part out to get fixed. Took about 2 weeks...not to bad, really.  But, I am sorry for the guests that were here during that cookies, no home baked muffins. Quiche baked on the gas grill.(it worked, but didnt puff very well.)
Next time you come back, you will get double!

We are truly greatfull to all our guests..we have had some wonderful people stay with us.  Gary and I have spent alot of time out at the hut with guests...we have laughed a lot, had some wine, guests ended up staying for dinner. Those are great memories and why I love the B&B business!
Our favorite guests are our retruen guests! Its always great to see you again. We are so delighted when guests' surpise us with sending back a little token of their stay. We love the surpises and thank you all soo very much!

Thank you, also, to the wonderful guests who have been so kind to write a review on TripAdvisor. A great big thank you there!

Looking forward to seeing old and new guests as 2012 moves along...YIKES its almost Fall!! 
Have you got things coming up for Fall? Wedding, Reunions, Getaway?  Give me a call and book a room! 

Until the next blog...thanks for reading this

Karen your Innkeeper

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring 2011 is here!

HELLO , once again, from the Milford Guesthouse!

Thank goodness spring as finally sprung!

It was a long and wintry winter...even for Michigan!

Ahhhhh that's behind us now and the tulips and daffodils are coming up,
and our beautiful old magnolia "Maggie" is about to burst forth in her glorious pink saucer flowers!

We have opened the Tiki hut. The pool is up and running. Our ponds are alive with life, from the fishes to the frogs jumping from place to place. I expect any day to hear the spring toads start singing. Wouldn't it be wonderful to enjoy a nice glass of wine while strolling around and taking in the sights and sounds and smells! You really don't want to miss it!

We have completed all our winter indoor projects, and you should see our new beautiful kitchen floor. Plus, the Magnolia room now has a more private bathroom. Looking forward to showing off all our changes!

Its really a perfect time to plan a getaway! Book soon! I am getting many inquires and bookings for summer! Don't forget I do luncheons, too. Small me and we can discuss your event.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Until the next blog......thanks for reading this!


Monday, February 28, 2011

End of February

Finally, its the last day of February! We had way too much snow...3 times the normal (whatever normal is!) amount. But, temps are on the rise and the snow is melting fast. Plus its sunny today!
We took the opportunity, while mostly snowed in, to do some re-modeling. We did finish the break-thru so the Magnolia room now has its own a-joining bathroom. Looks really nice, too.
We had barely finished that project, and we went right in to replacing our kitchen floor! OH came out really nice! We put down Duracermic tile. Almost 500 sq feet of the stuff! The new floor really sets off the cupboards, and all the furniture in there. Gary and I did this project together, and we are still together!
Thanks to Gary's excellent measuring skills, along with the knowledge he has about tile floors, the project went very very smoothly. But, I am really glad its over..the refrigerator was in the sitting room, the dishwasher in the living room. The kitchen table and all the chairs were in the family room. I felt like we were eating dinner in a furniture store! Well, after living with a mess for almost 2 weeks, the Guesthouse is back in order, and really really clean! Guess we did Spring cleaning a little early!

So, March is upon us, which means Spring, wonderful Spring, is only 20 days away!
We will be opening the Tiki Hut and maybe the pool by the end of March. Those are some of our favorite days!

Also, I am already taking bookings for Spring and even Summer already! Start planing your Spring and Summer events, now! Thinking of doing a luncheon? Little get-together with some friends? Got an anniversary coming up? Surprise her with a stay at the Guesthouse! The Magnolia tree blooms in the middle of April...don't wanna miss it.
I make it very special!

Well, until the next blog.....thanks for reading this.

Karen Shelton, your Innkeeper

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR from the Milford Guesthouse!

WOW, 2011 already..where does the time go? 2010 was a great year for us at the Guesthouse. We are very fortunate to have had so many great guests all season!
From Wedding parties staying here, anniversary and celebrations, family getaways and just plain getaways. Everyone enjoyed all the house amenities...which really warms my heart and part of the reason I'm in this business!
I do want to thank everyone for writing in the journals, too! You have no idea how much that means to us.

In October and December I hosted some luncheons. Our Milford Red Hat Society (15 Ladies)enjoyed a wonderful lunch of Fall Harvest Soup, Maurice salad, and Homemade Carrot cake. Everything came out perfect and I really enjoyed having them.
Call me for rates, if you thought the Guesthouse would serve your needs. We can discuss prices, menus, etc.

At Christmas time, I had a past guest call.
He and his wife play in a quartet named the Double Dates. They were going to be playing in Milford and thought they could come by in between "gigs". It just so happened I was hosting a luncheon for 9 ladies! Well, timing couldn't have been better. The Double Dates, dressed in festive holiday costumes, performed for almost 30 min! They are a very talented group. Even had their own sound effects! We all had a fabulous time! It was so nice of them to stop by.
They are from the Thumb area of Michigan, and they do some traveling.
Call me for info if interested in booking them.

Well, the holidays are over now, and Valentines Day is the next reason for a getaway!

I can plan for you some special things, flowers, appetizer/snack tray,
a special dessert. Wine/Champagne in your room.

I love to do that sort of thing for people! Plus, it helps me with my Culinary skills.

We are remodeling the Magnolia Bathroom. Guests staying in the Magnolia Room had to go out in the hall to get to their bath. So, Gary has broken out the wall between the bath and the bedroom, and now no more walking out in the hall. A lot more private.
I will be taking some pictures and posting them on the web.

I am offering Winter Rates. For the months of Jan, Feb, and March...

Our Suite is $90 (110.) The Guesthouse Room and the Magnolia Room are $75 (90).

OK, that brings things up to date. Look forward to hearing from you!

Until the next blog.....

Thanks for reading this!

Karen Shelton, your innkeeper

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September is a beautiful month at the Milford Guesthouse!

We have had some wonderful sunny weather. The late summer flowers are all in full force, and the colors are so vibrant, is stunning!

Our pool is still open, and will be until Late October. Its a great place to relax and enjoy the late afternoon sun, have a glass of wine and gaze upon the gardens. Watch the hummingbirds as they drink from the red cannas.

Come out for a weekend and see for yourself!

Plan a get away!

Anniversary coming up?


At the Guesthouse we make sure everything is just perfect!

Don't forget the our charming town of Milford, 3 miles away, has lots of activity's coming up. Home Tour, Car show, check out for details

October 1, 2010, Bakers of Milford is having a
Come and taste many different Michigan made beers. They have food tastings as well. Last year was the first year Bakers put on this festival, and it was a big success!
We wished we had gone, and you can bet we are going this year!

Its Friday, Oct 1, and tickets are $30, at the door, or $25 in advance. Let us know if you want to go...we can pick up the tickets in advance and save you 5 bucks!
Bakers is almost walking distance from the Guesthouse.

This would be a great way to help celebrate a birthday!

Kensington is so great see this time of year, too! Walk or bike the trails, just across the street from the Guesthouse. We can pack you up a picnic lunch for the trip.

This, also, would be a great way to celebrate a birthday!

SO, start planning a little get away,

Come to the Milford Guesthouse Bed and Breakfast and treat yourself!

See you soon!

Karen and Gary